Proud to introduce you to Fair Deal General Trading Co. L.L.C, one of the leading water systems service and distribution  
companies in UAE. A pioneer in the field, we enjoy a reputation for reliability earned over the years both within UAE and in the  
middle east. Today, we distribute over 10 brands, we pride ourselves as a leading supply partner to most well known brands  
companies. We supply (we do not own any of the brands or pictures), provide service and distribute to direct clients, contractor and MEP companies.
Fair Deal General Trading L.L.C.  
has a wide range of products to  
the customers. Our products  
varies from Water pumps, Water  
tanks, Water heaters, Solar  
systems, Filtration systems, Control  
panels & Pressure vessels.

Weather your product was  
purchased from us or not,  
weather it is pumps, tanks, or any  
other product. We will be at your  
service any day of a week, just call  
us on   +971-6-575 6510 and within  
24 hours we will be at your site.  
You can also inquire our products  
We have been in the market since  
2008. We have done various  
projects for various costumers  
throughout UAE. Click to check a  
list of some of our done projects.
Fair Deal General Trading L.L.C. For inquiries about sales and services please contact: +971-6-575 6510     E-Mail:
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